Government platforms

A list of common registers, components and open APIs used by governments around the world

Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0

The Platform Government Initiative

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Submission guidelines and definitions

The definition of a platform is fuzzy, so, if in doubt, please raise a ticket on github.

There are three categories of platform:

The key thing is that all of the above should be in use across a government or city, not within a single agency.

Field definitions

The IsSelfService should be set to 'True' if it is possible for a user to start using the platform immediately (e.g. in a sandbox mode). DoumentationUrl should be a valid URL for any documentation on how developers or administrators should use the platform. HasCodeLibraries should be set to 'True' if there are public code samples for integrating with the platform. OrganisationName should be the organisation responsible for maintaining and operating the platform.

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