Category IsoCountryCode Name HomepageUrl IsSelfService DoumentationUrl HasCodeLibraries OrganisationName Scope SourceCodeLicence Notes
Payment GB GOV.UK Pay true Cabinet Office Central and local government
Payment IN UPI National Payments Corporation of India / Reserve Bank of India Government and
Messaging GB GOV.UK Notify true true Cabinet Office Central and local government
Analytics GB GOV.UK Performance Platform false Cabinet Office Central
Publishing GB GOV.UK
Publishing US Federalist
Hosting US true
Hosting IN NIC Cloud
Payment US Bureau of the Fiscal Service Central government
Payment IT PagoPA AgID Central and local government
Hosting IT CloudPA AgID Central and local government
Data IT DAF-PDND Team digitale Central and local government
App framework IT IO Team Digitale Central and local government
Wifi UK GovWifi True False Cabinet Office Central government MIT
Procurement NZ The Marketplace True False New Zealand Government Central Not 100% clear is central government only
Freedom of information US True False United States Department of Justice Central government CC0 API provides a way for other agencies to update progress of applications. Code on github at
Payment US False False U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bureau of the Fiscal Service Central government 18F have a mock version for testing
Design AU Common Government Branding API
Recreation US True False Central and government Funded by multiple agencies: used to power private sector campsite booking services
Analytics US The Digital Analytics Program True True General Services Administration Central government Wrapper around Google Analytics. GSA also provides training to government agencies
Taxi FR Le Taxi True False Central and local government Central government provides an Uber-like framework for taxi companies and app builders
Code US Code California False False CalGovOps & California Department of Technology Local government
Food US Farmers Market Directory True True United States Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Marketing Service
Tax IN Goods & Services Tax Network A non profit company owned by federal and state governmewnt, and by the private sector
Petition GB UK Government and Parliament petitions
Messaging AU Notify
Messaging CA API Store
Code CA Open Resource Exchange - Open Source Code
Regulations US API:
Data EE Estonian Open Government Data Portal
Code EE